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Frequently Asked Questions



How do we manage custom text in the motion graphics overlays?

Frequency will create the desired graphics overlay that shows custom text. Furthermore, the custom text field will be exposed and accessible via the GRAPHICS tool for changes by the user. Other fields can be exposed as well for on-the-fly changes such as logo URLs, colors, etc., as necessary.

What are the supported dynamic text that can be used for overlays?

Frequency currently supports the following Frequency Studio schedule metadata:

  • Current Program Start & End Time

  • Current Program Title

  • Current Program Description

  • Next Program Start & End Time

  • Next Program Title

  • Next Program Description

  • Later Program Start & End Time

  • Later Program Title

  • Later Program Description

  • After Program Start & End Time

  • After Program Title

  • After Program Description

How can I update or change my graphics?

Objects such as images, text, colors, etc. that are expected to change over time can be set up in such a way where these variables can be changed using the GRAPHICS tool by a Studio user. Other larger changes are made by Frequency. Larger changes include the way overlays animate/transition, object type (lower third vs corners, etc.), and complex graphical components.

What kinds of overlay triggers are supported? Can I add more?

Frequency supports four triggers today:

  1. Program Start

  2. Ad Start

  3. Ad End

  4. Program End

How long can each overlay be shown during when triggered?

Each overlay runs for 5-30 seconds, depending on the animation timings when transitioning in and out of an overlay.

In the future, users will be able to set how long an overlay would run between the Transition In and Transition Out animations.

How can we change which Overlay is used by a certain trigger?

Frequency can make this change in the back end when needed.

In the future, users will be able to associate a trigger to any of the available Overlays compositions.

Do Graphics overlays play during ad breaks?

No. Graphics overlays would play before an ad break or after coming back from one, but never during an ad break.

Do Graphics overlays play during a Live show switch?

No. Graphics overlays are rendered over VOD assets, including main and interstitials video.

Can we set up triggers for Graphics overlays for a specific program?

No. Graphics overlays are triggered for all programs today and cannot target a specific program.