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Frequency Documentation

Repeat Scheduling

Users are able to repeat selected programs in the schedule to maximize the efficiency when scheduling channels. This allows for bulk scheduling of existing and episodic content using advanced patterns. For example, scheduling a series marathon for the entire channel could be completed in seconds.

To use this feature, the user can select a linear program and invoke the Advanced Options menu by right-clicking the selections and input business rules:

  • Choose content

    • For all content (VOD, Automation, Live):

      • Same as Selected

    • For episodic content (VOD):

      • Next Episode (On last episode: Loop or Stop)

      • Shuffle

  • Number of times

    • Back-to-back maximum:. 2,000

      Daily maximum: 365

      Days of the Week or Weekly maximum: 52

  • Choose programming pattern

    • Back-to-back (i.e.: marathon)

    • Daily (i.e.: episodic stripping)

    • Days of the Week (Mo, Tu, We, Th, Fr, Sa, Su) - Number of times refers to the number of weeks. If the pattern is MWF and the number is 5, that means it would schedule programs for specific days of the week (MWF) for 5 total weeks.

    • Weekly


Configure advanced scheduling parameters

For selected content that contain more than one linear program, the user can review these exceptions and override the default program selection By default, the program having similar internal title as the selected source program is chosen. If not matched by internal title, then the newest created program.


Manage exception multi-program scenarios

Finally, programs already scheduled in a channel contains a distinct visual pattern. When the user hovers over a program, the entire group of programs related to that repeat pattern is highlighted.


Visualize Repeat group programming for scheduling context

Additional Options

Number of Times Until This Date - As an alternative to scheduling based on the number of programs count, the user can also choose to schedule until a specific date. This would not require the user to calculate the number of times required and instead focus on an end date of the scheduled Repeat Programs pattern. For example, the user can set the end date of December 31, 2023 and programs would be scheduled until the end of December 31, 2023.


Repeat by number of times or until a specific date

Restrict by Seasons - When scheduling with episodic content belonging to a Series and using the Next Episode or Shuffle content selection, the user has the ability to restrict the episodes by one or more season(s). Doing so would limit the episodes belonging to the restricted set of seasons, while retaining the episodic sequences across seasons. Furthermore, we are also showing the total number of seasons based on your selection.


Restrict by specific season(s) to narrow down to specific episodes