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Frequency Documentation

Studio Tools

Frequency provides a complete suite of media management tools designed for content ingestion, scheduling your linear channel, analyzing your traffic, and more.

  • Schedule - The most intuitive scheduling system available. Designed around a simple desktop calendar interface, you can drag and drop, smart copy and paste, reuse existing schedules, and remove programming gaps with a single click.

  • Manage - A complete content management system. Review content for quality, verify captions and thumbnails, edit metadata, and run ad detection utilities.Featuring smart drag and drop, continuous search, and bulk editing.

  • Build - Create powerful dynamic playlists for your streams. Build rules to select series of videos with precision, include interstitials between content, and create programs for playout with ad pods intelligently placed between videos and cuepoints.

  • Analyze - Real time actionable performance data. Clear metrics, simple graphs, and downloadable data. View content consumption, advertising effectiveness, and distribution performance.Actionable insights at your fingertips to optimize your channels and grow your business.

  • Graphics - Live, dynamic graphics. Trigger graphical elements on your linear channels to create strong brand identities, and preview upcoming events and shows using your programming metadata.

  • Account - High level admin functions for managing your account. Create brands, edit user roles, enable and disable playout on your linear channels.