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The latest Frequency Studio software releases.

Studio-1.45 - 1/25/2023



Bulk Playout Override

Users now have the ability to override channel playout for ad-hoc scenarios such as unscheduled live events or temporary content replacement. Playout overriding can be applied to one or more channels at the same time.

When channels are overridden to playout their Rescue slates or a Live stream, they would show as “Overridden” in the user interface. Overridden channels can be restored to original scheduled programming.

  • Override to Rescue Slate- Switch the selected channel(s)'s playout to their rescue slates. Each channel would use its own rescue slate (also known as “technical difficulty channel creative”), which are managed in ACCOUNT/Linear Channel details.

  • Override to Live Stream - Switch the selected channel’s playout to a user-input live stream. We currently support HLS and RTMP Pull sources

  • Return to Scheduled Programming - Resumes the channel’s originally scheduled programming.

Studio-1.44 - 01/19/2023



  • Automation Programs - The Add to Schedule button is now clickable when an Automation Program was selected from the Programs list in Schedule.

  • Program Preview -  The Preview button is no long clickable when zero Playlist Programs have been selected.

  • Error Messaging  - Program titles are now truncated when displayed in Schedule error messaging.


  • Playlist Lists - Added spacing between word Updated and Time integer under the Created column for Playlist in Build.


  • Upload Video Format - The messaging under the video asset upload field was incorrectly stating video files must be at least mp4. This has been updated to reflect all video formats accepted for upload.

Studio-1.40.0 - 12/15/2022



Updated Video Details

The fields “Date Available” and “Date of Expiration” are now included for each Video. “Date Available” is automatically set to the current day of ingestion. Additionally, the option to enable or disable a Video is now available and by default is set to “Enabled”. If set to “Disable” the Linear tab is removed from the Video.


Export Schedule to PDF

There is now the option to export a given week’s programming to a PDF. Located at the bottom right corner of the Calendar View in Schedule is the text “Export to PDF”. Clicking this text will trigger a PDF download of the current week of programming.


Series Automation Programs Shuffle First in First Out (FIFO)

Shuffle FIFO randomizes episodes from a series subject to:

  • Randomize episodes based on selected Series of the Automation Program with Linear programs in selected series containing specific Internal Title.

  • Do Not Repeat Within (X Minutes) look-back for unique episodes to prevent re-scheduling. If all episodes are eliminated due to look-back, the fallback logic will choose the oldest episode first within Do Not Repeat Within (X Minutes) timeframe. This results in an evenly distributed set of episodes across the given look-back timeframe.

If option 1 is chosen and an episode has more than 1 linear program, Series Automation will select programs in this order:

  • Linear program in the selected Series with Internal Title containing the current channel's name.

  • Linear program in the selected Series with Internal Title containing the text "Default".

  • Linear program in the selected Series with empty Internal Title text.

  • First linear program in the selected Series if no matches to the above sequence.

Studio-1.38.0 - 09/29/2022


  • Contact Support - The information in the "Contact Support" modal has been updated, and there is now a link to a full Support Manual.

  • Schedule - Event colors have been changed for VOD program, Live stream, Automation program and Draft type. Schedule rows now support taller sizes.

  • Connect - This is now the default page on accessing Studio for users who have access to it.

  • Connect | Channels - The count of your linear channels is now displayed.


  • Manage - The loading circle now displays once when editing metadata.

  • Account - The linear channel thumbnails now load the correct aspect ratio.

  • Connect | Streams - Notes now load correctly when clicking into a status in the distribution matrix.

  • Graphics - Fixed an endless loop when accessing channels without a graphics set up.

Studio-1.35 - 8/30/2022


General - Dates across Studio are now standardized to YYYY-MM-DD.

Connect | Streams - The distribution matrix now only shows distributors that have streams associated.

Connect | Streams - Provides the ability for the user to save lifecycle-specific data for multiple streams simultaneously. This doesn’t apply to every step in the lifecycle - only Validate, Submit, Approve, and Live are applicable to this feature.

Connect | Streams - Clicking into a square in the distribution matrix now brings up the stream details.


Build - Fixed an issue where the loading spinner would persist after adding playlist images.

Studio-1.34 - 08/09/2022


  • Linear Program Components - Dynamic interstitials can now be placed next to ad pods when creating or editing a Linear Program.

Studio-1.33 - 07/14/2022


  • Manage | Collections - Fallback Collections are no longer required and the option “None” can be selected to clear previous configurations.

  • Account - Channel logos that are 1:1 or 16:9 can now be uploaded.


  • Schedule Templates - Overlap errors caused when scheduling Templates into the following weeks has been fixed.

  • Manage | Linear Program - The magic wand will no longer trim interstitial segments.

Studio-1.32 - 06/23/2022


  • Manage | Collections and Automation -Increments of less than one hour for Do Not Repeat rules are now supported. Duration is set in minutes with a max of seven days or 10,080 minutes.


  • Manage | Do Not Repeat - Automations that have Do Not Repeat and Shuffle selected now generate different results.

Studio-1.30 - 05/25/2022


  • Do Not Repeat for Playlists Automation Programs - Added an option to not repeat videos when configuring a Playlist Automation, until the set amount of hours have passed when an automation is used multiple times on a schedule


  • Login Case Sensitivity - Account Name and User Names are no longer case sensitive.

  • Internal Titles - Will now display when adding templates to the Schedule.

  • Live Programs - Can now select additional metadata such as Rating and Country.

  • Automation Programs - Improved ad placement logic when selecting ad breaks for playlist automations.

Studio-1.28.2 - 03/24/2022


Missing Schedule Data - The issue with missing programs when paging into the future has been resolved.

Studio-1.28.1 - 03/14/2022


  • Surface Series Id - From the Video Details view in Manage you can now copy the Series Id when hovering over the info icon next to the Series name. This feature has also been added to the Video title.


  • Schedule Paging - The issue with paging through past and future weeks in the Schedule tool has been resolved.

Studio-1.28 - 03/09/2022


  • Schedule DST - UI changes to notify you about Daylight Savings Time are available in the Schedule tool. In the Calendar view, the day header will be highlighted based on the DST timezone of each schedule. Please review the start/end times and adjust as necessary. The schedule should show continuous start/end timestamps when there are no gaps. Time slots 11 pm - 12 am are blocked to account for DST.

Studio-1.27 - 03/02/2022


  • Manage Collection - Brand names configured per Collection are displayed in a column when viewing all Collections and as a field in Collection Details.

  • Schedule Copy/Paste Expansion - Copy and paste weeks of programming while editing your schedule. To do this hold shift, select multiple weeks of programming, copy, and paste.

  • Shuffle Automation Programs - Shuffle is available as a rule for Linear Program Selection when creating or updating automation programs.

  • Linear Program Editor Shortcuts - Using Shift + D, while editing a linear program, brings up the page Add Dynamic Interstitial.

  • Linear Channel Creatives - Duration requirements have been removed when uploading creatives to allow for assets longer than 5 minutes.

Studio-1.26 - 01/28/2022


  • Support Modal - Contact information for Frequency support is provided across all tools. Located in the top right corner under “Contact Support”

  • Manage - Show real-time character count while editing video metadata

  • Linear Programs - Dynamic interstitial title now displays in linear program preview / editor

  • Automation Programs - Can no longer set target ad load 50% or higher

Studio-1.25 - 12/04/2021


  • Manage Automation Programs - From Manage you can now create or edit Automation Programs. This functionality was previously done within Schedule. Now all automation program configurations are completed within Manage.

  • Improved Automation Program Series Workflow  -  From the Automation tab in Manage you can now use Series to create Automation Programs. Select up to three different Series, configure advertising, and choose additional business rules to schedule your series automation program.

  • Interstitial Collection By Brand - Interstitial Collection now supports filtering by Brand to power dynamic interstitials in linear programs.

  • UI/UX Improvements - Studio now has more cohesive styling across all tools.

Studio-1.24 - 10/28/2021


  • Manage Interstitial Collections - Manage Interstitial Collections - From Manage you can now create and manage collections of interstitials such as bumpers, idents, promotions and more. Interstitial collections allow you to add sets of interstitials to linear programs that will be dynamically populated in a program based on predefined business rules. By managing interstitials dynamically, programmers can now setup rules that will automatically update promotional content across many linear programs saving significant amounts of time.

Studio-1.22 - 08/24/21


  • Linear Program Editor - When editing a linear program you can now double click on the components, such as ad pods, interstitials, and video segments, to open the editing modals for each component.

Studio-1.21.0 - 07/16/2021


  • Manage - Cue points can now be imported into linear programs that contain interstitials.

  • Linear Program Editor - The timeline position indicator no longer resets to zero when adding components but maintains its location respective to the last component added to the linear program.

  • Build - Up to three complete advanced search queries can now be used to return results for building dynamic playlists.


  • Manage - Videos are no longer deselected when managing them from the list view.

Studio-1.20 - 06/29/21


Manage - Subtitles can now be displayed on videos in Preview if they have been provided.

Manage - We have removed the ability to add cue points beyond the duration of a video.

Build - Series metadata can now be used in the Advance Search feature. Input the Series Name, Season, or Episode to return matching videos in the search results.

Studio-1.19 - 05/28/2021


  • Manage - Series and Linear metadata is now displayed within the List view.

  • Schedule - Double click feature no longer pastes programs after copy/cut of programs.

Studio-1.18 - 05/05/21


Build - When creating a playlist in build you can now pin videos in the playlist. After adding dynamic rules for the playlist add an individual video by clicking the plus button found when hovering over the video. These single videos can be dragged and dropped to the desired location within the playlist.

Schedule - Programming templates can be used to save sets of programming that will be needed in the future. While Schedule is in edit mode, select the first program, hold the shift key, and then select the last program so that all desired programs are highlighted. Right click on any of the highlighted programs and select create template. Once saved these programs can be added to a channels schedule by right clicking on empty blocks of programing and selecting Add From Template which loads a list of saved templates.

Studio-1.17 - 03/26/21


  • Linear Program Editor - Keyboard shortcuts are now available when editing a linear program.

Editing controls

<backspace> = Remove selected component

Shift + A = Add Ad Pod

Shift + I = Add Interstitial

Shift + T = Add Time Fill

Shift + W = Magic Wand

Shift + T = Auto Adjust Target Duration

Shift + S = Ready for Air

Shift + D = Save Draft

Shift + "+" = Timeline Zoom In

Shift + "-" = Timeline Zoom Out

Shift + E = Edit Linear Program Metadata

Playback controls

<space bar> = Play or Stop

<right arrow> = Move 1 frame forward

<left arrow> = Move 1 frame backward

Shift + <right arrow> = Move 2 seconds forward

Shift + <left arrow> = Move 2 seconds backward

Control + <right arrow> = Move 1 component backward

Control + <left arrow> = Move 1 component backward

  • Schedule - Users can now drag and drop multiple linear programs. In edit mode hold the Shift button on your keyboard and select several inline programs. Then release the Shift key and all programs remain highlighted. Finally click the highlighted programs and drag and drop to the desired location.

Studio-1.16 - 03/21/2021


  • Schedule - Saving the Schedule with overlapping VOD programs is no longer allowed. In order to save the Schedule all over lapping VOD programs must be corrected.

  • Schedule/Manage - Video and Program previews player now show captions when present.

Studio-1.15 - 02/02/2021


  • Schedule - Live programming can now be added into a channels play-out. There are two paths for this feature. First is scheduling live programs automatically in the schedule by double clicking on the time block and selecting the Live tab. Second is located at the bottom the broadcast pane is a One-Time Live section where you can switch to a live stream in real time.

  • Manage - Subtitle files can now be included when manually uploading a video through Manage. Below the video asset upload is now a subtitle file upload which can take either a URL or a local file.

Studio-1.14 - 01/20/2021


  • Linear Program Editor Magic Wand - Updated linear program component validation.

    1. If the sum of video/interstitial components and ad pod components are less than the target duration the magic wand feature increase the ad pod component to satisfy the target duration. If the duration sum of component is greater than the target duration the magic wand will suggest increasing the target duration.

    2. If the duration sum of component exceeds the target duration press the magic wand will remove the time fill.

    3. If the duration sum of components exceeds the target duration the magic wand will reduce the duration of ad pods by 30 seconds while maintaining a minimum of 30 seconds for ad pods. 

  • Schedule - A Paste button has been added to the editing actions that a located at the top of the schedule while in edit mode.