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Frequency Documentation

Video Streams Outputs


Frequency Studio outputs a managed linear channel stream that is compatible with most distribution methods and platforms. Frequency Linear Channels are programmed per channel and distributed to many distributors at the same time, which allows for easy management and high scalability. Content can be programmed from VOD or live feeds, and are played out in real-time with broadcast-ready features all from the cloud.





Default Linear Channel Creatives

Each linear channel has its own slates for Ad Pods, Time Fill, and Technical Difficulty.

Ad Marker Insertion

Ad cue points can be ingested from VOD library or selected using Studio. Supported cue points are in milliseconds and in SMPTE timecode.

Channel Scheduling

Channel programmer can schedule VOD, live, or playlist content. Changes can be made to the linear channel as soon as 60 minutes prior to playout time. Schedule metadata is updated and available in real-time.

Cut to Live Show Programming

Channel programmer can switch to a live show and back to original programming in real-time.

Scheduling and Program Metadata

Channel and content metadata passes through system and into EPG output.




Adaptive Bitrate Video

Video stream delivery via multiple resolutions and bitrates to accommodate device and bandwidth limitations.

Audio Normalization

Audio normalization (-24db) across content to ensure broadcast-safe distribution.

Closed Captions

Supports CEA-608/708 embedded closed captions in video stream. Captions are provided from content partner as either embedded (CEA-608) or sidecar (.SRT, .SCC, etc.) and are muxed into encoded video during ingestion processing.

Ad Markers & Slates

Frame-accurate ad markers (SCTE-35 supported). Content metadata can be included in these markers for optimized ad serving. Ad pod fall back / slate video is played out during ad breaks. For HLS output, ad markers have cue out, continuation, and cue in markers along with SCTE-35 metadata (content id, etc.).

Frequency CDN Delivery

Frequency can act as Origin or CDN delivery for the channel outputs.

Frequency SSAI

Frequency can insert advertising into the stream via server-side ad insertion powered by a Frequency-managed or third party ad server (Telaria, SpotX, DFP, etc.).

Linear Schedule Metadata

Scheduling information (EPG) at summary or detailed level. Available in JSON (generic), XML, and CSV (generic) formats.

Cut to Live Show Programming

Live shows appear the same as VOD content playback in the video stream. The channel programmer can cut into and out of a live show using Studio in real-time.

HLS Output

Distribute to distribution systems or end-users. HLS specifications can be found below.

Dedicated static master HLS stream URL per linear channel for easy distribution upkeep. URL supports HTTP and HTTPS.


For Android mobile legacy player support.

RTMP Output

RTMP format output of video stream. Ad markers data will not be available in this output format.


Channel Target Resolutions
  • 4K: 2160p (16:9)

  • 1080p: 1920x1080 (16:9)

  • 720p: 1280x720 (16:9)

HLS Output


  • HLS Version: 3

  • Target Chunk Size: 6 seconds

  • Total Segments: Rolling 10 segments (60 seconds total)

  • Segment location: Relative path


Video Resolution

Video Codec

Audio Codec

Target Bitrate


H.264/H.265†, High@L4.1

AAC (48 KHz Stereo)

9.5 Mbps


H.264/H.265†, High@L4.1

AAC (48 KHz Stereo)

4.5 Mbps


H.264/H.265†, High@L4.1

AAC (48 KHz Stereo)

3.0 Mbps


H.264, High@L3.2

AAC (48 KHz Stereo)

1.3 Mbps


H.264, High@L3.1

AAC (48 KHz Stereo)

800 Kbps


H.264, Main@L3

AAC (48 KHz Stereo)

400 Kbps

* Applicable for 1080p resolution linear channels only.

** Applicable for 2160p resolution linear channels ("4K") only.

† Applicable for HEVC distributions only

Audio Tracks

Embedded multi-audio track supported.

Individual audio-tracks as sidecar files not supported due to real-time playout nature of video stream.

Sidecar Closed Captions / Subtitles

Embedded closed captions / subtitles supported (CEA-608/708).

Individual subtitling as sidecar files not supported due to real-time playout nature of video stream.


For Android mobile device support that do not have HLS-ready players (legacy). Coming soon.

RTMP Output

Supported, but SCTE35 ad markers are not included.


Electronic Program Guide (EPG)

EPG information per channel can be queried using a public API to retrieve data. The scheduling data is real-time with a cache for high scalability and performance load times. For more information on how to use this feature and the data contained, please see EPG User Guide.

Third Party Integrations
Gracenote Content Registration

A Gracenote integration (Channel, Schedule, and Programs) is available for ingestion/processing by Gracenote. This requires a distributor-to-Gracenote or Content Partner-to-Gracenote arrangement. The integration between Frequency and Gracenote is a transparent and an automated process to the Content Partner.

  • Linear Channel Schedule / EPG - Frequency Linear Channels are registered with Gracenote to obtain a StationId and CallSign.

  • Video Content - Video assets that are used for VOD and Linear distribution are registered with Gracenote to obtain a tmsId.