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Frequency Documentation

Series Management

You can add series information like metadata, images, seasons and episodes in the tab titled "Series" in the Manage tool. For each series, season, and episode, you can add the following metadata:

  • Title

  • Description

  • External Vendor Ids

  • Custom Metadata

  • 2x3 Poster

  • 16x9 Poster

Navigating series


The child elements of each (seasons to series, and episodes to seasons) can be accessed and viewed multiple ways.

  • Clicking on a component's name (series, season, episode) will take you to a page featuring them.

  • Clicking on the arrow to the left will display the child components below it.

  • Right clicking the three dots will let you view a child component, or edit/delete the metadata of the current component.



Linking videos to series

Videos can be linked to series while editing the metadata for the video.  You can see this relationship when clicking into episode components, as well as unlink them in series management.