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Frequency Documentation


Frequency Studio includes a complete motion graphics capability. These powerful tools and back-end cloud rendering services provide professional graphics at up to 4K resolution. Create 24x7 broadcast quality channels with graphic overlays dynamically generated and rendered automatically on your channel.

The Studio GRAPHICS engine includes a full suite of motion graphics authoring tools. This allows users to create motion graphics directly in Studio, eliminating the need to author in a third party application, and then export / import compositions.

However, for users who do want to use third party authoring tools such as Adobe After Effects, Studio supports importing these projects directly as well.

GRAPHICS includes a real time dual pane dynamic WYSIWYG preview capability, allowing you to see in live exactly how your graphics compositions and overlays will look in the final output stream.

GRAPHICS also has access to the complete metadata set for the channel(s) you’re programming. You can create compositions, or use standard templates, that have access all data about the current program, and all subsequent programs, enabling the creation of “you are watching” and “now next later” experiences out-of-the-box.