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Frequency Documentation

Switch to Live

Live Stream Programs

Live Stream Programs are scheduled constructs that include detailed EPG information, and is for planned events with live broadcasts. It is switched to a live stream on and off at will, and provides options for fallback programming.

Live Stream Event Specifications

When configuring a live stream event, please conform to these specifications to ensure stability:

Stream configuration:

  • Ingestion Resolution: 1080p

  • Frame rate: 30fps

  • Minimum bitrate setting (Mbps): 5mbps

  • Maximum bitrate setting (Mbps): 10mbps

Encoder settings:

  • Protocol: HLS Pull, RTMP Pull, RTMP Push

  • Video codec: High/H.264

  • Keyframe frequency: 2 seconds

  • Audio codec: aac

  • Audio sample rate: 48khz

Add Live Program to Schedule

In order to properly send EPG information, you'll need to create a scheduled slot for the live stream.

  1. Go to your Schedule:

  2. "Edit Schedule"

  3. Select the slot you want to include a live stream, and either double-click or "Add Program":

  4. Add in details of your program and "Add to schedule". This should open a new modal to Add your Live stream to schedule and will populate metadata into the EPG.

    1. Add the RTMP or HLS link provided by your Livestream provider.:

      • HLS: When adding an HLS stream, please only include a single rendition, not an entire ladder, or the switch to live will not work correctly. For ensuring compatibility with playout, please make sure input streams match Frequency playout specifications.

      • RTMP: Frequency must provision an RTMP endpoint, please discuss with your account manager or open a ticket with support for more details.

    2. Enter your target duration

    3. Enter your Livestream title

    4. Enter Livestream description

    5. Select if you want to use "Start & End as Scheduled". This determines if the event will need to be Start and Stopped manually in the Broadcast Pane, or will start and stop it automatically as it is scheduled.

      • NOTE: SCTE Markers are only passed through when "Start & End as Scheduled" is selected, currently.

    6. Click Add to Schedule

  5. At this time, please add backup VOD programming, "Add Program" or double click on the right of time slot.

  6. Save your changes.

Preview Live Program
  1. To check your stream, simply double click it in the schedule:

  2. Save to update Live Stream details.

  3. You can also preview your next Live Stream in the Broadcast pane by clicking the TV Icon:

  4. In the Scheduled section, click the Live tab:

Start/Stop Live Program
  1. Once your Live Program is coming up on the schedule, click on the drop down and select your pre-scheduled Live Stream.

  2. A few seconds after pressing "START LIVE", you will be able to verify your stream playing out in the "Broadcast" preview modal.

  3. "STOP LIVE" ends your Live Broadcast. You must stop the broadcast or the stream will go to Technical Difficulties after the stream has ended.

One Time Live Stream

Adding a one time live stream will immediately switch the input to the stream entered.