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The Frequency JavaScript video player provides a JavaScript class and a set of constructs that makes short form video playback with advertisement a simple task.

The sequence to using the Frequency JavaScript Player is as follows:

  1.  Initialize the Player.

    var player = new Frequency.Player();

    The player can be initialized with video and listener bindings so that it is one-shot ready to play or the player object can be constructed and setting the video to play and event listeners in subsequent method calls.   

    var player = new Frequency.Player(
       undefined, {
    video: {
    url: '',
    startPosition: 50 
  2. Add player event listeners.

    player.addEventListener(Frequency.Player.Events.onError, errorHandler);
    player.addEventListener(Frequency.Player.Events.onProgress, progressHandler);
  3. Play the video.


Player initialization

new Frequency.Player(
        undefined, {
            video: {
                url: '',
                startPosition: 50,
                autoplay: true
            events: {
                onStateChange: function (state) {
                onProgress: function (currentTime) {

Demo Page



elementString or DOMNodeNode selector or DOMNode the player will be inserted into.
optionsObjectFrequency.Player.Options object


videoObjectFrequency.Player.Options.Video object
eventsObjectFrequency.Player.Events object


urlStringVideo file URL. 
startPositionNumberVideo start position.0
autoplayBooleanPlayer will/will not start playing right after loading video file.false




onErrorFunctionAn error occured.
onReadyFunctionJS player ready for actions.
onMediaReadyFunctionMedia player ready.
onStateChangeFunctionPlayer state has changed.
onProgressFunctionPlayers progress changed.



UNKNOWNundefinedPlayer state is unknown, player setup process did not finished.
UNSTARTED-1Player media ready but pending play action.
ENDED0Player finished playback.
PLAYING1Player is currently playing a video.
PAUSED2Player paused.
BUFFERING3Player is buffering.
LOCKED4Player locked by internal action.



MethodReturn TypeDescription
play()VoidPlays the currently loaded video.
pause()VoidPauses the currently playing video.
seekTo(time:Number)VoidSeeks to a specified time in the video (in seconds).
getDuration()NumberReturns the duration of the currently playing video (in seconds).
getState()NumberReturns video players current state.
getCurrentTime()NumberReturns the elapsed time since the video start (in seconds).
loadVideo(url:String)VoidLoads video url specified by url string.
addEventListener(event:String, callback:String)VoidAdds a listener function for the specified event (see: Player events).
removeEventListener(event:String, callback:StringVoidRemoves a listener function for the specified event.


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