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Version History
Version #DescriptionFile
  • Ad handled via decisioning server
  • Unified constructors for Player and PlayerLite version
  • Accept resolution and bitrate parameters within player for ad request
  • [Player] Player can't use ad_tag provided by frequency services if player is loaded over HTTPS

  • [Player] Impossible to change AdsConfiguration for loadVideo method.

  • [Player] Event onProgress is received after state PAUSED

  • [Player] Subtitles are enabled by default on YouTube

Braking changes:

  • Unified constructor for both versions
  • setSesion method is now asynchronous
  • adConfig object no longer accepts adCuePoints and adTag
  • video object is now compatible with API video object


  • AC-227 Youtube videos are not filling the entire player field of view
  • LG-154 [Player] versioning support when loading from CDN - Base path param
  • AC-212 All videos cease to play
  • LG-157 [Player] youtube video breaks play




  • LG-154 - [Player] versioning support when loading from CDN
  • LG-146 - [Player][Android 4.1.2] There is playback in the corner in small size
  • Player doesn't save mute state for videos.
  • Edge Incorrect handling for Ended and Seek statuses for some videos. 
  • Player throws incorrect state ENDED (Nexus 7)
  • Duplicated events listeners

Player light build (with mp4 player only)player-

Internal testing 
1.3.3Support for different video urls (direct, embed)
player-1.3.3.zip1.3.2Offline events, bugfixes.

Fullscreen API, Activity events errors and change session support

player-1.3.0.zip1.2.1Possibility to change API url for activities
player-1.2.1.zip1.2.0Video activities, poster, bugfixes 



Volume control functions and bugfixes.player- is the first version of the Frequency player that supports VMAP, VPAID, VAST 2.0, VAST 3.0 advertising standards and MP4 and HLS video formats.

Browsers & Device Support