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Frequency's Javascript video player is built as an end all solution for short form video to support a myriad of third party players, media formats, advertising requirements, financial settlements, and reporting. This document describes the technical capabilities of the player. 

 Player can be loaded as html from<version>/index.html or as standalone js file<version>/_assets/interface.js

Version History

Version #DescriptionFile


  • AC-227 Youtube videos are not filling the entire player field of view
  • LG-154 [Player] versioning support when loading from CDN - Base path param
  • AC-212 All videos cease to play
  • LG-157 [Player] youtube video breaks play




  • LG-154 - [Player] versioning support when loading from CDN
  • LG-146 - [Player][Android 4.1.2] There is playback in the corner in small size
  • Player doesn't save mute state for videos.
  • Edge Incorrect handling for Ended and Seek statuses for some videos. 
  • Player throws incorrect state ENDED (Nexus 7)
  • Duplicated events listeners

Player light build (with mp4 player only)

1.3.4Internal testing 
1.3.3Support for different video urls (direct, embed)
1.3.2Offline events,

Fullscreen API, Activity events errors and change session support
1.2.1Possibility to change API url for
1.2.0Video activities, poster, bugfixes 



Volume control functions and bugfixes.

1.0.0This is the first version of the Frequency player that supports VMAP, VPAID, VAST 2.0, VAST 3.0 advertising standards and MP4 and HLS video formats.




Code Block
   undefined, {
	  config: {
		basePath: '.'
	  api: {
		url: ''
	  session: {
          'X-Frequency-Auth': '...',
          'X-Frequency-DeviceId': '...'
      video: {
      events: {


api - Api configuration for activities.

config - player configuration.


An initialized Player object.