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SDK Access & Documentation

In the menu for this site, and the links below, you will find sections for each of the SDKs. Everything needed to integrate access to the Frequency services into your applications and platforms can be found here, including complete documentation, and sample apps complete with downloadable source code.


Frequency's services are accessed through one of the Frequency SDKs or through the Frequency REST APIs. SDKs are available for Android, iOS, and JavaScript. Developers can also talk to Frequency directly through the REST APIs.

The SDKs are a great starting point for new mobile application development. The REST APIs can be accessed from any platform, and are typically used when using Frequency to augment an existing application or server platform.

Integration Options

Developers have a choice on how to integrate with Frequency. There are two basic integration approaches, and resulting architectures. A client application can talk directly to the Frequency services through the SDKs or REST APIs, or through an intermediary server that augments the Frequency capabilities. This is shown in the figure below:

Client & Server Side Integration

In this model, server-side integration is performed for non-video playback related activities. Developers would typically use this model to integrate Frequency into their own CMS and other back-end systems.

Server side calls are be made to: retrieve lists of content categories, retrieve lists of curated and algorithmically-generated channels, retrieve metadata for videos and collections of videos, perform searches, etc. Server side calls can also be used for user profile management functions such as creating accounts, attaching and authenticating social accounts, etc.

In this model client side SDK would typically be used only for video playback related functions. Although clients are also free to communicate via the REST APIs.

Client Side (Only) Integration

In this model, all integration is performed in the client application. Frequency’s own consumer applications follow this model.

Client applications can perform all functions directly via the SDK, including interrogating Frequency’s content databases, retrieving “Your Highlights” feeds for users, continuously playing collections of videos, etc.

Managing a wide variety of media sources is one of the more difficult parts of developing an internet video app. The Frequency Player, included as part of each SDK, simplifies this by encapsulating and abstracting all needed video playback mechanisms. Developers can simply send generic play instructions to the Player, and it takes care of the rest.

The Player manages all aspects of playback. It manages bandwidth across all different connection types, is location aware and handles geo-restrictions. It can be used chromelessly and normalizes player controls across all media. It performs device detection, error handling, format selection, continuous play even in full screen mode, and dynamically loads third party players, transparently, when needed.

The Frequency Player can be mixed and matched with the Android and iOS SDKs, or used directly with the Frequency REST API.

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