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Welcome to Frequency's online service and system documentation. The online documentation is organized into the following sections:

  • Native mobile SDKs for iOS and Android
  • Content On-Boarding
  • Content Management System


The Frequency REST APIs represent a complete list of services that can be consumed for video distribution or mobile playback. The REST APIs support categorized guide browsing, title search, targeted video filtering and various forms of personalization. The services are organized as follow:

  • Authentication - Support for anonymous or personal user login.
  • Application Operations - Storage of client application information.
  • Guide - Categorized video channels along with video content. 
  • Search - Video and channel title search within a whitelisted domain.
  • Collections - Targeted, filtered searching suitable for intelligent video and channel curation. 

Native iOS and Android Mobile SDKs

The native SDKs are targeted to supporting the mobile platforms by building a wrapper around the Frequency REST APIs and focuses on making it easy to get information in and out of the Frequency services.

The central part of the native SDKs is the Frequency Player. 

The Frequency Players:


Content On-Boarding

This is a summary of Frequency's content on-boarding capabilities to go along with Frequency's standard specification or Interface Control Document for accepting content onto the platform, which describes requirements and options for metadata, delivery mechanisms, video files, and image files.

Content Management System

Frequency provides APIs and tools to enable management of content, dynamic content packaging for curation, etc.




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