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This page contains guidelines and requirements for ingesting your assets into Frequency Studio. In order to successfully onboard your content, Frequency requires that information and specifications from the following areas are met:

  • Video Specifications - Ensure that source video specifications meet the minimum requirements for Frequency's platform in order for proper indexing and distribution
  • Content Delivery - Ingesting content into Frequency's platform using the supported methods for delivering video and related metadata

All questions about onboarding should be sent to your account manager or to

Table of Contents

Video Specifications

To prepare video to be compatible with Frequency's platform, the following video specifications must be followed. The specifications allows for video quality consistency, video technical metadata, and ultimately impacts video's ability for distribution.

Required Video Specifications

1Video File Codec
  • Required: MP4 (H.264/H.265) | 720p/1080p @ 5-10 Mbps
  • We will work with you to make sure whatever assets you have can meet this spec
2Video Resolution
  • Minimum: 1280x720
  • Maximum: 3840x2160
3Video Aspect Ratio
  • Preferred: 16:9
  • File extensions: png, jpg
  • Minimum: 1280x720
5Closed Captions
  • Accepted: SRT, SCC, VTT, TTML, CEA-608 embedded

Required Video Metadata

  • Maximum: 255 characters
  • Maximum: Unlimited, 110 characters for some distributors
  • Must map category to values found in Genres and Subgenres or the video will be rejected
  • Talk to your account manager if additional genres are required

Optional Video Metadata

There is a host of optional metadata that can supplement your content. Additional metadata is used to expand the possibility of distributor product implementations. You can find details in our Metadata Specifications.

Content Delivery

Frequency can ingest assets from multiple sources of ingestion including MRSS, SFTP, S3, Dropbox, as well as manual uploads. The preferred mechanism is for content partners to deliver content to Frequency via MRSS feeds.  Please visit the respective pages for details on integrating with Frequency.

Delivery TypeDeliverablesExample
MRSS Ingestion
  • Standard MRSS Feed with available assets, thumbnails and metadata associated per item
Sample Feed
SFTP Ingestion
  • SSH public key
  • Video assets
  • Thumbnails
  • Metadata file



S3 Ingestion
  • S3/Access Key and Secret
  • Video assets
  • Thumbnails
  • Metadata file



Sample Manifest File: metadata-manifest.csv

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